Monday, July 6, 2015

Denbigh's Minnie Mouse, 4th of July, 2nd Birthday Party

Oh Two-dles!!! We celebrated Denbigh's 2nd birthday on the 4th of July in Minnie Mouse style!

The invites. . . 

 Denbigh's Club House - Come Inside It's Fun Inside!
We decorated with Minnie Mouse garland and lots of stars and polka dots.

 The Menu:
Hot Diggity Dog Bar
Willy the Giant's Nuggets
Chip N Dale's Chip Bowl (with salsa & guac)
Minnie's Bow Pasta Salad
Mickey's Watermelon Salad
Daisy's Baked Beans

I loved how the cake turned out.  It ended up being one of the easier cakes I've made.

Blowing out her candles!
So thankful for all our great neighbors and friends who celebrated with us.

"Clarabelle's Photo Booth"

 We also had the bounce house set up and "Pete's Bean Bag Toss" complete with Mickey Mouse Bean Bags.
Our little Minnie Mouse Princess
Thank you bag!

 About half way through the party we heard a noise and saw this happening in the sky above our backyard!  Happy 4th!!!!

Denbigh's birthday

Our little Princess turned 2 last Thursday.  She started off her day with Mickey Mouse waffles and opening a few presents.
 Then she was off for another morning at school!

 That evening we took her out for her favorite meal (pizza! pizza!)
 and followed that up with some fro-yo.

Denbigh's first day of Early Pre-K

We had about a week and a half of down time and then Denbigh started the summer session of Early Pre-K at the school Jacob attended.  She was so excited and started cheering when she saw the school.

 She ran right to the playground and didn't even look up when I said good-bye.

 When we went to pick her up the director and her teacher both said she had an excellent first day and was so happy the whole time.  She is very social and I had to carry her out screaming almost every time we dropped Jacob off.  She is happy to finally have her turn!!

Grandpa & Grandma's Visit

Grandpa & Grandma were able to be here for most of the end of school festivities and Joseph's piano recital.  We also took a day trip down to Tijuana.  It was truly an adventure straight from Planes, Trains & Automobiles . . . except it was more like Automobile, taxi, shady taxi, bus . . . . . 

Crossing into Mexico was super easy.  Getting back was a bit tougher but we took a couple chances and ended up getting back in record time.
 We stopped for pictures with a Zonkey!!

 And found a great touristy spot for lunch.

 We had lots of great other adventures as well and Denbigh enjoyed the extra guests at her tea parties.
 On their last day in town we went downtown to Sea Port Village for lunch and walked by the USS Midway before taking them to the airport.

It was a great visit and we really enjoyed it!